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A Few of My Favorite Things To Help You Sleep Better

Is helping you sleep better fashion related? No, but we aren’t here just for the clothes. We are here to help people feel better about themselves. I can’t be the only one especially sleep deprived this time of year! Make that all of this year. And last year. Therefore, I bring you a few of my favorite things that help me sleep more soundly and hope they help you too.

Let’s hope I take my own advice this week. More melatonin, less Nespresso.

Happy Shopping!

Essentials for Better Sleep

Luxurious Pajamas

Yes, you deserve luxurious pajamas! I think we all sleep soooo much better in real, honest-to-goodness pajamas. Not your old tees and sweats. The best quality fabric you can afford pajamas. They don’t have to cost as much as this stunning Negative Supreme Shirt + Supreme Jogger Pant Set. In fact, some of my favorite pajamas are from Uniqlo. (Sorry, they don’t make mine anymore!) Find a fabric and style that makes you feel cute and comfy. I promise you will sleep better.

Negative Supreme Shirt + Supreme Jogger Pant Set, $250

And an option for him… or for her! I love wearing men’s pajamas. Have you tried Sleepy Jones yet? They have fabulous options in both the men’s and women’s sections of their site.


Henry Pajama Set in Navy, Red & White Flannel Stripe, $198

The Accessories

All credit for the discovery of the best eye mask in history goes to Mr. Real Life Style. I’ve highlighted the classic Manta Sleep Mask below. However, I received the weighted mask with silk eye cups for Hanukkah. The eye cups let you blink while you sleep! This allows for higher quality REM sleep.

How good is the Manta Sleep Mask? I had two amazing nights of sleep before my youngest absconded with it, amazed at its light-blocking properties. Recognizing defeat, I had my husband order two more, one for each child. They now fall asleep faster than ever.

Manta Sleep Mask, $35

Do you remember the Silk Pillowcase from our recent Gift Guide? The good people at LilySilk sent me one to try out a few months ago, and I can not take it off my bed! Silk pillowcases supposedly prevent wrinkles and hair breakage. All I know is, they feel fabulous!

LilySilk Silk Pillowcase, $33

If only taking melatonin had been a thing when I was a child. Did you know that not producing enough melatonin as a child can be hereditary? As an overtaxed mom, I rarely need assistance getting to sleep these days. However, I appreciate this Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin Spray as an alternative to giving one’s children sugar covered gummies right before bed! Thank you to my friend Erin for telling me about it!

Source Naturals Sleep Science Melatonin Spray, $9.79

What helps you sleep well? Let us know in the comments below!

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