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Shopping Tips

Our 5 Most Popular Shopping Solutions in 2019

I have to tell you, this list surprised me. Yes, I know I am supposed to be checking my Google analytics constantly in order to know what to write for you, but I really just write from the heart each week! The list below is truly the list of our 5 most popular shopping blogs all year, although I do have to admit that it does not include the last few months of the year (no holiday gift guides), because of a glitch with our updated site.

Were these your favorite blogs too? What about them did you like? Email me at to let me know and offer any other ideas you might have for future blogs. We would love your feedback! Here’s to my 9th year of blogging!

How Do I Find Shoes That Won’t Hurt My Feet?

The 2019 Spring Comfort Shoe Shopping Guide

Our comfort shoe guides are always our most requested and our most raved-about blog posts. Even our 2018 round-up was one of the most read posts this year. So many clients and blog readers shop for the spring/summer shoes from this guide, so we have been updating it and refreshing our options every year.

Learn what the season’s most modern and fashionable silhouettes are, and shop those styles from comfort brands. We find that most comfort brands make some orthopedic-looking, undesirable styles and but also a few super cool, fashion-forward styles each season. Figure out the brand that works for you. Each brand we list in the blog works for a different client of ours.

How Do I Navigate Sales Strategically?

What You Should Buy at the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Of course everyone’s favorite sale of the year made the list! Nordstrom managed to take a usually slow shopping period, July, and turn the month into a full-blown shopping event. However, the concept of shopping these new fall items at a discount can encourage reckless spending and add items to your wardrobe that you never actually needed. We always recommend pieces that our clients are already loving, like NYDJ trousers or Chantelle underwear, so that you can take advantage of a sale without adding never-worn clutter to your closet.

Why Can I Never Find a Jumpsuit That Works for Me?

Lani Styles The Perfect Jumpsuit 9 Ways

I also used to be part of the crew that could never make a jumpsuit work. They basically have to be made for your exact proportions, which isn’t easy. This Everlane jumpsuit impressed me and my clients with completely different body types, which blew my mind. Plus it is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe! I recommend starting with this one, and don’t give up. Before I found this jumpsuit, I used to tell clients to expect to try on 20 different versions to find one made for your body type.

How Do I Keep Cool in the Summer without Feeling Like I’m Naked?

5 Alternatives to Shorts, The 2019 Edition

Summer dressing is a pain point for so many women who are overheated but don’t want to feel naked in shorts. We started writing our alternative to shorts blog post years ago after fielding many requests for summer outfits that didn’t require shorts, something I have difficulty with myself.

We recommend Athleta for almost all moms looking for casual, washable clothing that they can sweat in at the playground but still feel cute and put-together. They have skorts, dresses, cotton joggers, and linen wide-leg pants for every summer occasion from sitting on the sideline of the soccer field to dressing up for a barbecue.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with looser styles. Almost every client that we put in wide leg cropped pants has felt unsure at first, but ends up completely embracing the look, and feeling as cool and modern as they look.

How Do I Shop for Flattering Swimsuits Without Torturing Myself?

3 Secrets to Swimsuit Shopping

Swimsuit shopping is overwhelming, to say the least. However, when your kids are young and you live in the DC swampy weather, you probably need a few bathing suits in your wardrobe that you don’t hate.

I love Land’s End because they carry D-cup sizing and have the perfect amount of strategic ruching. Our clients also love Athleta swimsuits and their cute rashguards with UPF fabric. Find the brand that works for you, and don’t feel the need to deviate. Like workout wear, be realistic about how many times you’ll need a swimsuit in-between washes. Oh and don’t forget to wash your swimsuit with a mild detergent (we love Seventh Generation).

What was your favorite blog this year? Let us know!

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