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2020’s Most Popular Posts

2020’s most popular posts came as a bit of a surprise. Please tell us which blog from 2020 was your favorite in the comments section!

“I’m homesick for the city I live in, and I miss the clothing I already have,” writes Rachel Syme in A Year Without Clothes.

New Yorker Magazine, Dec 22, 2020

At RLS, we experimented with not getting “dressed” every day, but ultimately concluded that what we have been telling you for the last 15 years is correct. Getting dressed with intention every day makes you feel better about everything.

You don’t become a personal stylist because you want to dress people. Personal styling is about giving people a tool that positively affects their mental health, self-confidence, and career trajectory. We wouldn’t give up this job for anything. Thank you for allowing us into your life and closet, week after week. Especially this year. We appreciate it.

With gratitude,

Virtual Styling with the SHU box

Sarah Hart-Unger

The most popular of 2020’s most popular posts was Virtual Styling with the SHU box. This is for three reasons. One, we don’t usually post before-and-after stories or client accounts because of confidentiality. Two, a lot of people are curious how virtual styling works. And three, Sarah is an awesome person with a super loyal following of her own. Welcome Shu box readers! You can also read Sarah’s post on her own blog on the virtual styling process.

6 Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home

Jenni Kayne black shearling slides

Are you surprised that out of the 6 Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home, House Shoes was the most popular one? You also loved the other must-have pieces: An Elevated Top, Comfy Pants, A Third Piece, Easy Breezy Dresses, and Jewelry Everyday.

The 5 Must-Have Pieces For Your Work Wardrobe

I have to admit that this result floored me. I was convinced our readers could care less about “real clothes”, but I was wrong. Also, I was glad that we chose to update our 5 Must-Have Pieces For Your Work Wardrobe blogs right before the pandemic hit. Stay tuned for these blogs to be updated again in the next few months! Not surprisingly, Shoes You Can Walk In was the most popular post of the series.

The 5 Strategies That Are Getting Me Through the Day

Lani Inlander of Real Life Style wearing a navy trench, blue scarf, jeans and boots

The 5 Strategies That Are Getting Me Through the Day was published the first week of April 2020. A lot of us needed help getting through those early pandemic days. It was three weeks into quarantine for our family, and I was doing my best to keep all of our spirits up! The 5 strategies were the ones that helped me to feel like my old self, even if my new role was unrecognizable. I have to say, I’ve kept up with all of them except for painting my nails! Too many dishes 😉

The 2020 Spring Comfort Shoe Shopping Guide

Cole Haan leopard print block heel

Have I mentioned how much our readers love shoes?! Three of 2020’s most popular posts are about shoes. The 2020 Spring Comfort Shoe Shopping Guide was more popular than the The 2020 Fall Comfort Shoe Guide, but that may only be because it has been out longer. We spend an incredible amount of time and effort on our shoe shopping guides, so it is nice to know that you are reading them!

Lani’s 5 Favorite Life Hacks

Lani’s 5 Favorite Life Hacks was written almost a year ago, in January 2020. Can you imagine that I wrote about lunch containers, nail polish, and straightening my hair? I have not packed a kid’s lunch since March, although the containers I wrote about are great for leftovers. I think I stopped polishing my nails in May. My new haircut allowed me to stop straightening my hair. I have not stopped cleaning out my closet and other areas of my house. We should all be keeping up with this one. Unfortunately, between the kids toys and clothes, the process seem never-ending in my house.

How prescient was I, writing about services for delivering groceries and other household items?

Which blog of 2020 was your favorite?

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