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6 Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home

Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home, the list you have been waiting for. We developed our original must-have list, 5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Work Wardrobe, after many requests over a long period of time. This list has been a mainstay in our work with personal styling clients, our Wear Your Power E-Course, and corporate seminars.

And then there was a pandemic. We still believe in the original list, which was designed to be flexible and work for business-casual to business-formal workplaces. However, your kids were not in those workplaces. We immediately recognized a need for a secondary list.

6 Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home is meant to extend beyond this pandemic. Many women (including me) already worked from home before Covid-19 closed offices around the world. Many have now had a taste of the flexibility it has afforded them and will continue at least part-time at home. Either way, I hope everyone has realized that they feel better when they put forth their best effort.

Get dressed!

1. An Elevated Top

We’re not suggesting you wear your dry-clean-only silk shells while working from home, However, you should also wear more than just an ill-fitting t-shirt or an exercise top everyday. We’ve compiled a list of machine-washable blouses and tops that are easy to wear and will make you feel great.

2. Comfy Pants

Yes, of course you need a comfortable pair of pants for working from home. Think further than just your lounge sweats please. Our list of pants made of cotton, jersey, ponte, or soft denim, will feel like sweats but will look much more appropriate.

3. A Third Piece

Yes, we subscribe to the third piece rule even when working from home. The concept is that your outfit is not complete without a “third piece” to pull your top and bottom pieces together. Typically, we would suggest wearing a blazer for the office. However, while working or lounging at home these days we do not expect you to be so buttoned up. We are here to offer you some alternative options, from cozy to dramatically stylish.

4. Easy Breezy Dresses

If you can’t be bothered trying to match your elevated top to a comfy bottom, choose the one-and-done route. Our lives are only getting busier and our need for comfort even greater. In this blog post you’ll find three different dress styles: chic and simple, whimsical patterns, and flowy boho.

5. House Shoes

It seems there are two camps out there, people who are wearing shoes to feel “dressed”, and those who have spent the entirety of the Covid-19 quarantine barefoot or in slippers. After working from home for a few months, your back will thank you for the support of some cute at-home shoes.

Jenni Kayne’s Shearling Slide Sandal is one of my favorite house shoes!

6. Jewelry Everyday

The final of the must-have pieces for working from home is Jewelry Everyday. I believe in wearing earrings every day. Yes, even during a pandemic. Even when you are home alone and no one can see you. Even when you are wearing sweats or exercise clothes. Even when you are with your kids. The little bit of shine near your face not only makes you look better, but makes you feel better too. Earrings make you feel dressed. If you’re looking for something small and lightweight to wear at home, or something bigger and statement-making to wear on video calls, read this blog post.

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