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Words of Wisdom from André Leon Talley

André Leon Talley on Diversity, Fashion, First Ladies — and Kellyanne Conway’s Inauguration Outfit


André Leon Talley, one of fashion’s most storied journalists and a former long-time VOGUE editor, recently sat down with journalist Tamron Hall for an in-depth discussion. Tamron called him a “black superhero.” I just see him as a “fashion superhero.”  Check out his voluminous red caftan (he is known for his caftans) which reads as his own sort of fashion superhero cape. He was and is such an important voice in fashion. As someone raised and supported by his Grandmother, a maid at Duke University in North Carolina who instilled in him a love and understanding of luxury, he used to escape into the pages of Vogue as a teen. This man knows the power of fashion to transform and transport. He does not take it lightly. Below is my favorite quote from the very quotable article I read on the interview in WWD.


“It is a moral code to dress well. Whatever your budget-you can wear a white shirt from Banana Republic and be well dressed.”

-André Leon Talley


Is he saying it is a form of respect for yourself and others to dress well? And that budget is not an excuse? I think that maybe he is. What do you think? The number one thing our clients tell us they want from our personal styling/personal shopping/image consulting (whatever words you want to call it!) service, is to look and feel put together. Which brings us to my second favorite quote from Mr. Talley’s interview with Tamron Hall.


“Fashion lifts you up out of the doldrums.”

-André Leon Talley


Yes, André, we know. Amazing how some people don’t see it though. We see it everyday here at RLS, which is why I’ve always said I get paid to make women feel good about themselves, not to style clothes. Oh how lucky am I?!

Want to hear more words of wisdom from the venerable André Leon Talley? Check out his new SiriusXM radio show, Full-Length, on the Andy Cohen channel.

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