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Fashion Accessories

Create Your Own Designer Handbag

You could buy a designer handbag with designer stickers on it (see the first tote bag below), or you could buy a more affordable bag and add designer stickers to it. If it was me, I’d go with adding stickers to a less expensive bag! Kyle and I SWOONED over the designer purse stickers when we did our big Chelsea Barneys tour a few weeks ago. So much so that we had to create a blog post for you just on the trend. The good news is, you have a lot of choices in terms of price point and design. The bad …


Our Day at Barney’s in Chelsea

Barneys, what fashion dreams are made of… I think, actually I know, that all fashion people remember their first Barneys purchase. As well as their second, and maybe even their third. My first purchase was a magenta, mohair skirt from Mark Eisen. It was 1995 so give me a break, ok? My second was a more sensible khaki eye shadow from Nars, when Barneys was the only place you could get it. Both of these purchases were made at the original temple of style, the Barneys store in Chelsea. The Madison Avenue location had already opened when I arrived in …