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Help Lani! Thoughts on a Travel Wardrobe


TravelSmith 4 Pieces: One Bag, $179


I came across this versatile, chic packing cube in the Travelsmith catalog the other day and it started a packing panic tailspin! Thought number one: This is exactly how I would pack for weekends away during my semester abroad when I was traveling to other places from my home base of Paris. At that age my basics were a black a-line skirt, a few good quality black tees and a jean jacket. The cube above is just the grown up version of my “travel capsule”. This is my usual organized way of thinking/packing.

Thought number two: Complete, absolute panic about how to pack for my own travel this summer. I will be going to Israel for the first time ever (I know, I know, you can’t believe I’ve never been) with JWRP, the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project. However, this isn’t the usual trip where you need to pack some long skirts, your most comfy sandals, and a shawl to cover your shoulders in holy places. This is a special, first time ever, fashion trip, created for fashion influencers. So not only are we going on the usual jaunts to Masada, the Dead Sea and the Western Wall, we are also meeting with leaders in the Israeli fashion industry. In other words, not only will we have to wear sensible shoes and clothes for the heat and all of the walking, but we will need to look CHIC while doing it. And fit 8 days of this, plus comfy travel clothes, into one suitcase. Right now I’m thinking I have to pack with two wardrobes, the chic and the practical.

I need your tips! Post on Facebook or email me back and I will include all of your tips in a future blog post. So far I have been told to bring many changes of clothes because I will sweat through everything, as well as extremely comfortable sandals because it is too hot for sneakers. Keep the travel tips coming!

Thank you!

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