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Seasonal Trends

Fall 2019 Trends Volume 3: Fun Accessories

The accessories this season are just so fun! Did you know that the more dour the political landscape, the more outrageous fashion becomes? True story. Please, please, please pick one of these Fall 2019 accessory trends to try. I had a great conversation in New York last week with a fellow fashionista about how yellow sandals had made our summer wardrobes feel entirely fresh and new. I’m thinking the hiking boot trend will be the silhouette that does this for fall. Do you have any of the trends below in your closet already? Keep reading to find out what Lani will be recycling from her closet and stay tuned to Instagram to see Kyle’s most awesome furry clutch in action.

Happy Shopping!

Wearable Purses

Before you say, but my phone doesn’t fit in that thing, I have a bit of reframing to offer you. Don’t think of Wearable Purses as handbags, think of them as jewelry. Ahhh…you say…now I get it. I can’t be the only one who has a collection of fabulous bags they can no longer use because the phones keep getting bigger. I plan to recycle these as “Wearable Purses.” Now I just have to dig them out of my fashion archives! What do you do with your phone, you so innocently ask? Pockets, must wear with pockets.

Givenchy | Carolina Herrera
Jacquemus | Erdem

Hiking Boots

One day Lani was telling Kyle about how she almost killed herself hiking in the Shenandoah in cool Nike snakeskin sneakers, because she had given away her real hiking boots, having no need for them in New York City. The next day she was drooling over their client’s new Moschino hiking boots (see in shopping widget), thankful they had now invented a city appropriate version. Don’t you think this is the best trend ever for the soccer or flag football field sidelines? This is the trend at the top of Lani’s list for Fall. Stay tuned to the newsletter and Instagram to see what she buys!

Chanel | Prada
Miu Miu | Alexander McQueen

Fun Furry Bags

These bags are not just furry, they are wild and crazy! Real, faux, ombre, animal print, shaggy, shearling; you want it, it is out there. Kyle has a super cool patchwork fur clutch muff situation from Jocelyn that I am sure she will be wearing more than ever this season. Lani has a small fur bag she will be pulling out for her new Wearable Purse collection. What do you think about this trend? Love it or leave it?

Chanel | Chloe
Dries Van Noten | Shrimps

Wintery Brimmed Hats

The stocking cap is not dead, but you do have an excuse to dress up a bit more now with the new wintery brimmed hats. This trend is more wearable and much less dramatic than the floppy hat trend of a few years ago. Look for one that matches or contrasts (like the black and white look below) the winter overcoat you wear the most.

Chanel | Saint Laurent
Christian Dior | Tom Ford

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