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Finding My Post-40 Style

Now that I’m just 42, I thought I would finally get around to writing a blog on finding my post-40 style! As happens to a lot of people, my eyes went to pot as soon as I turned 40. And because I already had been wearing reading glasses since the seventh grade, my eyes went above and beyond until I actually required a prescription and an astigmatic correction for every single thing I do in life. Near, far, and reading all require a different prescription with no option of contacts. So that’s how glasses got added into my over-40 style mix. I’m quite the overachiever, aren’t I?

Something we always tell attendees in our Wear Your Power corporate presentation is that if your style is whimsical when you are younger, you should naturally shift into avant-garde as you get older. So that happened!  My anchor piece has been my Adi Yair vest, also known as the Israel vest. I also feel like I’m too old to wear jeans (unless they are super fashion forward like my black denim Ghost culottes or white denim Frame culottes) to see a client unless I balance it out with something really sparkly and fabulous on top.

I’ve also cut myself off from all trendy fast fashion i.e. out with the H&M, in with the Uniqlo. I usually pick one trend a season to try, like my mink slides from Jocelyn, my favorite boyfriend jeans from Uniqlo, and my pleated faux leather skirt from Roman. No matter how much an item costs, I want to know that it will still be in my closet, in good shape and not looking dated, for a few years. I also don’t want more for the sake of more. Not that I’ve stopped shopping, of course. However, anything I buy has to meet the strict criteria of bringing me joy and elevating my already full wardrobe.

How about you? How are you dressing for your new decade? Yes, every decade requires an even better wardrobe. We are here for you if you need assistance! And follow us on Instagram to see more of my post-40 style!

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P.S. My favorite D.C. shopping spots for post-30-and-up women are Betsy Fisher, Roman, and Upstairs on Seventh!

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