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Israel Fashion Tour

The very idea of summarizing a 9 day trip to Israel with the JWRP, even just the fashion element of the trip, has been incredibly overwhelming for all of us trying to write blogs and answer questions from friends and family. The best way I could think of to at least summarize the fashion highlights for you is to show you what I purchased myself.

Also, to answer the most asked question: yes, the fashion in Israel is great! There are a lot of small designers in Tel Aviv who are doing their best to tell their own design story. The hardest part was pacing our spending, knowing there was going to be more we wanted to buy but also knowing we wouldn’t be back soon. The good news is that a lot of Israeli designers are either available online or more than willing to ship to the states. That means I can still get the clutch from Medusa I’m sorry I left behind!

I’ve tried to give you all the details you might need but feel free to email me with any questions. By the way, whether an individual or retailer, you too can have your very own fashion tour of Tel Aviv. Our tour was coordinated by TLV Style, founded by super-chic Israeli fashionista Galit Reismann. Another resource for small designers is the Israel Designers Guild, run by Einat Rotfus. You can email her here. I also can’t forget to share how chic my fellow trip mates were. As you can probably imagine, there was a lot of swapping, borrowing, “Oh my gosh I love that!”, and even buying merchandise straight out of one another’s suitcases from those with their own fashion lines. In fact, we had to have our own impromptu pop up shop amongst the trip attendees! Stay tuned for Style Spotlight posts to come and more details about what I purchases from the designers on our trip.

Happy Shopping!

small first name



There was pretty much nothing at Gallabia, a chic boutique in Tel Aviv, that I didn’t want. I purchased the orange fringe necklace below as a gift for Ella, our superstar summer intern. The LOVE sandals had Kyle’s name written all over them but you can’t exactly buy unreturnable shoes for someone with confidence, and they were too narrow for my own feet. But I did LOVE them. The embroidered and appliqued dresses and kaftans were absolutely breathtaking, as were the different fringe necklaces. You can shop here, and they offer free international shipping for orders over $100. Gallabia’s tagline is Urban Casual Kaftan. Awesome.

Photo Aug 18, 10 52 42 AM

Photo Aug 18, 10 57 04 AM


Photo Aug 01, 2 44 12 PM


Photo Aug 01, 2 44 42 PM


Photo Aug 01, 2 50 15 PM



Belinky Fashion

Where do I start with this store? Belinky Fashion is a boutique across the street from our uber cool boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, the Market House Hotel. I kid you not, probably 30 out of 36 of us, plus every one of the staff leaders, purchased something at this store. The coolest thing they had was an overall outfit that morphed from a very low harem pant to a a skirt at the bottom. I wish I had gotten a picture of Judy Victor in her red and white striped top with the denim harem overalls. It was quite the fashion moment. I purchased the silk and cotton denim washed tee below for myself. I’m wearing it with grey cotton trousers and my silver birkenstocks as I write this but no, I won’t take a picture of myself 🙂 I know, I’m the worst blogger ever because I can’t stand to look at pictures of myself. I’m working on it for your sake.

Photo Aug 18, 10 37 36 AM

Photo Aug 18, 10 37 54 AM





Adi Yair

Adi Yair is one of the designers that Galit of TLV Style brought to us. Her line is just like her, elegant and cool. That’s her below in the top knot and long black dress. You can email her to make a purchase, and see more on her facebook page while the website is under construction. The neoprene vest I purchased from her was the result of a 2 year hunt for the perfect black tailored vest. As a bonus, it was just under $200. One of my fellow fashionistas, Rachelle Yadegar of Not Without My Heels, got to my size before me. (See Rachelle’s blog about the trip here) No problem. Adi went back to her studio in Jerusalem, whipped me up a fresh one, and delivered it to my hotel. Although grateful for the fabulous service, I was really disappointed not to get to see her studio and the full line there. I’m completely obsessed with her black and white woven tee shirt dresses and beyond excited to wear my new super flattering vest this fall.

Photo Aug 18, 10 28 01 AM

Photo Aug 18, 10 29 01 AM

adi yair

adi yair2

adi yair3



Naama Rotem

This fabric necklace is from Naama Rotem, a designer who actually concentrates on the most amazing hand knit home products. I had no idea until I looked up her facebook page! You should really check it out. I promise you’ve never seen anything like her pieces. To order from her, you can email Einat from the Israel Designer’s Guild.

Photo Aug 18, 10 31 49 AM

Photo Aug 18, 10 32 00 AM

Photo Aug 18, 10 32 18 AM

Photo Aug 18, 10 33 30 AM

naama rotem



Carolina Lemke

Carolina Lemke, a store I found at the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem, specializes in sunglasses with high design at affordable prices. I found a pair for myself (below) and a pair for Kyle. Check out their funny video below too! You should also find the Mamilla Mall if you are in Jerusalem. Beside having great shopping, the only outdoor mall in the city blends in seamlessly with the Jerusalem stone architecture of the Old City, which it sits next to.  Have a casual lunch at Aroma Cafe. The coffee is out of this world, as are their fresh salads.I’m showing you a picture of the mall at night because we first walked through at night on the way from the Western Wall to Shabbat dinner at the Ingbal Hotel. I think you will agree that it looks particularly magical at night.

Photo Aug 18, 10 30 33 AM


Photo Aug 02, 12 11 29 PM

mamilla mall





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